Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Gravy

Dear Readers,

I enjoyed a fine blog banquet of responses to the last posting. Here follows a selection of affirmation and argument.

[That was an] amusing thought that the Rockport turkeys consider the mailman their subordinate (not so funny to the mailman though.)…A few years ago, after stopping for a quick lunch at the tea place in Rockport (on 127A), I was unable to leave there for about half an hour, as a group of turkeys charged me every time I tried to approach my car on the driver's side (maybe they saw their reflections in the car door and thought I was going after their flock.) I finally had to sneak slowly toward the rear of the car from the other side of the parking lot, then quickly sprint to the passenger's side, jump in, and slam the door before they saw me.  I just made it, and climbed over the stick shift to the driver's side.
…Barbara D.

By definition, as a hunter Dave Sartwell underestimates the complexity of the sentient beings he enjoys killing. Turkeys are often VERY smart. Here is just one example. Females bring up the brood. They OFTEN team up with other females and plan complex protection strategies.   One day in my backyard, poking about for food, there were two females; each with 6-7 chicks. The woman next door let her dog out! The mother closest to the dog started to flap and limp toward the dog looking confused and hurt. The dog hunched down, designing his strike. Meanwhile, the second female was gathering ALL the chicks, hurriedly, and moving them into the woods. Just as the dog lifted from his rear legs to pounce…the limping female took to the air. Dazzling!
…Lois B.

Elana’s rooftop

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