Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wild Wind

                              Wild wind, you’re a dragon of air
                                     roaring above the water,
                                     flicking your tail
                                     to drive waves ashore. 
                             The clouds scamper away.
                              You romp in their space,
                                      tickling the sea surface
                                      with ruffle prints,
                                      inserting your real power deeper down
                                      to drive waves ashore.  
                            Your repertoire with light
                                     presents all possible greens and blues,
                                     whips froth
                                     and a dash of rainbow
                                     to glamorize the shore.  
                         Wild wind,
                                    when I lean into your push,
                                    you pluck and pull.
                          You cross over in jest,
                                    blowing rooster tails across the waves.
                           It’s a chore flying through you. 
                              It’s your day.
                                     Weightless fliers
                                      welcome gravity
                                      to hold them to earth.  
                              You’re boss.
                                     Your bluster
                                     dissipates in lace. 
                              Wild wind, you have painterly flair,
                                       an opalescent eye
                                       iridescent breath
                                       rambunctious brushes.

Photographs by Joel Ray, Andrews Point, December 1, 2013.

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