Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bud Ballet

Bayberry stirring

Each one of the woody plants on Halibut Point has devised a way to over-winter its tissues within bark and its growth points within buds. These armored plates resist outer forces but give way to vital surges come spring. The buds become plump with succulence and the tints of desire.

Sumac, the drum major
Sumac leads the charge into the new year. It colonizes irrepressibly, preparing for the advance of the more reputable trees and shrubs. The hardwoods break bud with the force of a grenade and the gesture of a lover. A drama of life is under way.

Red oak bud opening
Red oak revelation

Red oak curtsey

Red oak flowering
White oak flowering

Shagbark hickory bud birthing,



The patterns of destiny released from the bud shimmer with dawn energy. Every cell is sanctified with purpose. The leaf unfolds toward the light that will sustain its life processes.

Grape vine intimacies

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  1. Love it! Scrumptious. The pied piper of lanesville calling-------Can't wait!