Thursday, June 12, 2014

Homesteading Birds

A hard-working chickadee pair sensed the potential of this dead birch tree for rearing its brood.

They hollowed out a knot hole to family specifications.

After many trips out to dispose of their excavations they were ready to line the nest in time for the eggs.

High overhead a kingbird pair had chosen a tree fork for their domicile.

They foraged for construction material.

The nest would have to be strong and cozy for the coming nursery,

as well as for the long days of brooding.

Beside the quarry a phoebe searched  for a sheltered crevice in the cliff.

A promising nook with an overhanging roof drew a closer look.

The phoebes got right to work adhering their nest to the wall with mud. It's just visible at the top of the recess.

Once the family is born the parents have a busy job keeping the chicks fed with their fly-catching forays around the quarry. 

Do we devitalize our wonder with the explanation: instinct?

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