Thursday, July 16, 2015

Born To Fly

Me, on July 12
I looked out over the meadow at Halibut Point for the first time this week, when I was finally able to jump up to the entrance of my nesting box.

Inquisitive tree swallows, April 26
My parents discussed the merits of this homestead way back in April. It had a nice open flyway to the quarry where they could catch bugs zipping over the water. They looked inside and out. They decided it was a promising place to raise a family.

Mating moment, May 20
They considered everything very carefully. After three weeks betrothal they committed to our family in a beautiful mating.

Celebration and vows, May 20
Dad let the world know how happy he was. I think Mom was a bit sobered at the thought of carrying and caring for eggs.

Nest building, May 20
She had already started bringing in nice soft materials for the nest. She kept us warm while we developed in the eggs.

Morsel for a young chick, July 6
Dad joined in with caretaking as soon as we hatched. Both our parents brought food to us so we could grow as fast as possible to get ready to fly.

Before long I was able to get up to the portal to look out at the world. Sometimes Dad gave me a tidbit on the wing.

Mom was good at it too. I was hungry all the time.

Of course we eager eaters had to poop a lot. Mom and Dad carried it away from the nest after it hardened.

I let them know what wonderful parents they are, and that I'm working hard to join them as a full-fledged swallow.

I want to be just like Dad. He's the best flier ever. He's strong, fast, and handsome. He's always alert to guard our home.

My wings are starting to grow big like his. One day soon I'm going to sail out into the air on my own. I have to be ready, because I'll never come back. I don't even get to practice. Everything has to be right the first time.

Dad says I'll do fine.

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