Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Meditation, Halibut Point

Looking east at sunset
A spectacular sky unclutters my mind
Something says come back in the morning

The wind picks up overnight
The sun keeps faith
Froth matches stone

Light ribbons trace the clouds
Gulls peek over the top
A spectrum floats on ink

Water wakes up,
gets busy decorating,
guessing colors

Water lighter than air
blushes pink and purple,
higher than flight

Colors contract in
subsiding light
around black fringes
Edges tilt,
the gift of a day

Receptive dark
reabsorbs the singularity
of myriad forms

Last glimpse
Endless wave
Ceaseless sky


  1. Beautiful!! Really enjoy you nature and bird photos! Thanks Heidi Couchman

  2. One of the special places on this earth--thank you for showing it through your lens.

  3. your pictures, for this special location,capture the perpetual cycle on our planet. Your words capture the subtleties of Mother Nature