Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter Shoreline, Halibut Point

Deep blue splashes rocks
Green tissues
trace the limits of yearning. 

Rising sun glimpses,
then melts
the rime of night.

Wind shares its energies
with tumbling water
and spectator clouds. 

Tide line turmoil,
a niche of
hospitality for harlequins.
Free! exults the wave
to its vapors
and rivulets. 

Sandpipers adept
at withstanding
the way it is.
Sun animates all weather
lights the theater
of the visible.

Men dare
to dream
of fortunes.
Men's industry
frames an aperture
closing the sky.

Fragments balance testimonies
of canny minds willing
innocent enterprise.

Shoreline partners
clarify in winter
their sovereign surrender.


  1. If this gorgeous photography and enlightening poetry doesn't budge me from my warm chair to go for a winter walk at Halibut Point, I am dead inside.
    Thank you again, Martin Ray, for sharing your vision in these beautiful posts. Notes from Halibut Point helps me, especially through the winter months, to stay ALIVE ..... OUTSIDE!