Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring, Halibut Point

 There's a sudden green tinge to the water. Microscopic plants have come to life.
 The towhee shifts his voice from pweet to a territorial trill. 

Blueberry blossoms advance from red to white.

The young at heart bless the day...
...and notice beauty among thorns.

 The first warblers appear.

Gentlemanly mallards share a pond until a new aroma fills the air. 

'Himself' excuses friends when She arrives.

Spring rites call forth gracious preliminaries.
She curtsies.

He bows.

They have answered the awesome Call.

A kingfisher watches over the realm.
* * *
Upcoming programs featuring the Notes from Halibut Point 

May 1, Sunday 3:00-5:00, Lanesville Community Center, "Lanesville History Update"
            Les Bartlett. "Quarry Workers and Strikes"
            Lise Breen, "Slavery in Lanesville"
            Martin Ray, "Granite Sloops and Schooners on the Ipswich Bay"
            Ronda Faloon, "Cape Ann Museum archives and programs" 

May 7, Saturday 2:00-4:00, Cape Ann Museum, "Preservation Awards"
Gloucester Historical Commission will recognize Notes from Halibut Point; short slide presentation 

July 12, Tuesday 7:00, "Halibut Point over Time", a program of the Sandy Bay Historical Society series at the Rockport Library 

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