Thursday, January 26, 2017

December Dawn

Restless energies from a nocturnal netherworld
dash between states of materiality,
unprepared for the suddenness of the day.
They experiment with vapors, then
condense, dissociate, crystallize.
The dawn spies on a boudoir of elements
and calls forth animation.

Is the light 'light' without eyes to see?
Life maneuvers just so, searching for sustenance above the waves,
sunlight transmogrified in a food chain taken to flight.
Vapors feed the clouds.
The rocks transform in geologic time, liquid, solid, liquid, solid.
I depend on their familiar order.

The sky mediating all things, brings the day, a promise kept.
Thermodynamics makes space for quantum mechanics
in the laboratories of curiosity and creature comfort.
Within a molecule vast entities jostle and hum.
Vapors change domains in the living cells.
Reveille frolics on the relative warmth of the sea this morning
while the color blue, rare and precious on land,
lavishly relieves the shadows of the night.


  1. Wow, Marty. Truly extraordinary photos and reflections. Thank you. I feel drawn in.