Thursday, June 2, 2016

Folly Point, May

North Atlantic winter packs away its pewtery colors
to long Arctic days and distances.

Harlequin ducks, the sparks of winter margins,
pre-pair for remote procreation.

Folly Point glimmers
to receive the Spring.

Long-tailed ducks rest in Folly Cove
en route from pelagic stations to tundra.

Great cormorants relinquish latitudes
to southern cousins.

Black scoters depart;
crustaceans and mollusks repopulate.

Sheltering cliffs
soften to a new cycle.

Plant proliferations
fatten brant for migration.

Ancient pulls unite mergansers.

They exult, resplendent to the Promise.

Double-crested cormorants
overlap their northern cousins.

A common gull graces
a moment of wings and light.

Spotted sandpipers hunt.
Color rests for the day.

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