Thursday, June 9, 2016

Waters of Life

Water, quenching the thirst of body and soul,

sustaining the commerce of vitality,

engenders life on the granite core.

From water all life emerges, organizes, experiments,

materializing Royal ferns during May.

Water bathes all being, draws lily pads to the light.

It launches aquatic arrowheads from its nursery.

It fills sterile quarries with chains of life.

Destinies take shape below, above, and on its surface.

Iris colonies rise from its muck; ducks reach down.

May iris ripen in a paean of regeneration.

New leaves embrace poison ivy's sacred seed over waterside reflections.

Clouds fill the chalice in the pitted stone. A great scar of industry is freed. A human history of toil and extraction, a special case of Nature, eases back into geologic time.

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