Thursday, July 6, 2017

Quarry Reflections

The granite industry bequeathed Cape Ann ethnic enrichment, architectural distinction, and monumental openings to our geologic core.

The pits fill with water that mirrors stories from the quarry walls. Changes in the sky orchestrate shimmering images devolved from an industrial wasteland.

At Halibut Point the Babson Farm Quarry is the centerpiece of a State Park.

On the bare stone water invents alchemical novelties-- depositing minerals, sustaining organic life, bouncing light into shadows and creating kaleidoscopic symmetries.

Scars of tectonic and industrial violence harmonize in evening light like whimsies on a titanic sketch pad.

Nature reclaims the naked absurdities by colonizing inert surfaces with miraculous life.

History and beauty form momentary partnerships in the stillness.


  1. This is one of my favorites. Mirrors are profound. Not sure why looking at a thing that is reflecting your world back at you feels so much like looking into another world. More illogical the more I think about it. Mirrors should really be the most unmystical things, but they are enchanting nonetheless.