Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Domestic Life of Birds

Yellowthroat warbler
Jubilation from the treetops: My place and purpose are here.

Kingbird gathering nesting material
Kingbird on nest
Briefly putting aside their gypsy lives birds materialize engineering skills from inherited codes.

Tree swallows
Brown thrasher
Young ones have to grow quickly into self-sufficiency so that both parents and chicks survive the vulnerability of the nest. The parents try to disguise their steady trips for food.

House wren delivering a morsel
Blue jay marauding at the wren house
The little ones will have to be quick and elusive when they emerge.
Cardinal with captured dragonfly
The early development of some vegetarian species requires protein from omnivorous sources. This mother cardinal is proving herself an adept hunter outside her own diet.

Barn swallow juveniles and parent
After the youngsters have fledged the parents of many species keep up their tutorials and meal supplements.

Male towhee proclaims the territory and triumph of procreation.


  1. Beautiful photos and wonderful comments. Martin, I wondered where our barn swallows went when they fledged - we had 4 nests this season (they come every year as you know). I did not know that the fledglings continued their education 'in the wild'. I am going to look for them! Thanks for sharing. :)